NEW PRODUCT Have Confidence in Succe with GoTaq® The GoTaq® G2 Hot Start Polymerase and Master Mixes simplify your reaction preparation, bringing you the convenience of room-temperature setup and the specificity of a hot start polymerase. The ready-to-use GoTaq® G2 Master Mix simplifies reaction setup, allows direct-to-gel applications, and gives you the flexibility of choosing a master mix with colorless buffer, when your immediate downstream applications will involve fluorescence or absorbance readings. The optimized formulation allows the amplification of a variety of targets, while eliminating non-specific products, resulting in higher yields and greater sensitivity than competitor products. With GoTaq G2 Hot Start Polymerase you have the ability to optimize your reaction conditions using a Flexi Reaction Buffer and separate MgCl2 solution. Furthermore, reactions containing GoTaq G2 Hot Start Polymerase or Master Mix can be left for up to 24 hours at room temperature before cycling, and still give the same high-performance amplification. This enhanced stability is ideal for automation setup. G2 H Higher Yields and Greater Specificity M M TG CL1Q TS L2 1.5kb amplicons produced using standardTaq Nonspecific Higher yields The 1.5kb fragment of the Corynephage omega gene, a hot-start model of specificity, was amplified from 500ng of input plasmid DNA using standard (non-hot start) Taq, GoTaq® G2 Hot Start Green (G) or Colorless (C) Master Mixes and the leading competitors (L1, Q, TS and L2). No nonspecific products enews | Fall 2013 11415TB Pagina 3

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